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Tips for plumbing businesses wanting to improve team communication: our story

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post on our new and improved website. We hope you will find the information we share on our blog entertaining, valuable and useful!

This week was our first week back after the Christmas shutdown period. What a week! We took the plunge and set our team up with tablets for each work ute. We hope that onsite job reporting will reduce the double entry of administrative records, improve team communication and assist with job scheduling.

So far the feedback from our team has been positive and they have done a fantastic job of navigating through the new software.

We decided to install an application called, 'Slack' on our company tablets. This is my personal favourite. If you haven't heard of this fantastic file sharing and team communication platform I encourage you to check it out! We started using this application last year and it has significantly improved our productivity.

The uses for Slack are endless. It could easily be adapted for use by many different business types; and maybe even utilised in the home environment. 'Slack' elimates the need for staff to email each other and it also creates a platform for teams or familes to share ideas and information.

We created a 'timesheet' channel in the 'Slack' application. Our team access their online timesheet from the channel. Office staff post reminder messages to team members who may have forgotten to fill out their time record. The team member then receives a reminder notification message on their phone and/or tablet.

We also use the 'Slack' application for staff development and team communication. For example, we started a 'Slack' channel to share photos and information about our new uniforms. The team were able to post clothing sizes and share their thoughts on uniform options.

Our staff also recieve daily productivity and motivation notifications through our 'random' Slack channel.

The introduction of tablets and the utilisation of applications like 'Slack' have had a positive impact on our staff communication and job organisation. We hope that small changes like this will improve the service we can offer our customers by creating a more connected and innovative team.

Maybe you could try introducing applications such as 'Slack' to your small business or home? It is surprising what you are able to achieve when you collaborate on platforms such as this.

Have a wonderful week ;-)


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