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Roof repairs: How to find a roof leak?

How good is the rain? The rain is wonderful for our gardens and dams however heavy rain can also bring our attention to unwarranted roof leakage.

An untreated roof leak can result in extensive damage to the structural integrity of your home or business. Leaks can also cause damage to personal property costing you time and money to replace and fix.

Locating a roof leak can be tricky because water can migrate from various locations before pooling in one area of the property.

3 Tips for locating a roof the leak:

1. Check for leakage around electrical services, plumbing vents, air vents and flashings

2. Use binoculars to look for any visible signs of damage.

3. Stay safe!!! We do not recommend that homeowners climb on to the roof to locate a leak. If you insist on inspecting yourself always wear shoes with good grip, do not go on the roof when it is wet and make sure you walk on the overlaps of a tiled roof to avoid broken tiles.

Minor leaks caused by a small hole in a flashing can be handled by most handy DIY-er's. However, water travels fast!! If you are unable to fix the hole quickly and thoroughly, it may be time to call a professional.

When should you call a professional to inspect your roof leak?

1. If there are multiple leaks

2. If the origin of the leak is hard to find

3. A DIY repair is not holding

4. The leak has caused damage to the roof's surface or flashed areas

For more information on the management of a roof leak visit our website or call 0749 547 523.


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