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Why Choose Solar Hot Water for your home or business? Make the most of government rebates & prep

Solar hot water systems are particularly beneficial for households and businesses with high water usage and access to ample sunshine. Visit the following website to access information on the solar potential of your region:

'Your Energy Savings' website is an excellent resource to start with when you are interested in renewable energy options. You can visit this website to access a full list of rebates on offer as well as actionable information you can use to start saving money now:

Solar Hot Water Benefits:

1. Reduced household electrical costs over time:

While the upfront costs of solar hot water systems are large compared to gas and electric hot water system installation, the investment is worth it because of the significant reduction in running costs over time. Check out the Choice website for help with choosing the most suitable water system for you and your family:

Options for forward thinkers:

Don't have the money to invest in upfront costs of solar hot water right now? Consider getting your home/business solar ready at the new construction stage. Visit the following link to access a checklist of steps you can follow to make your property solar ready at the building phase:

2. Enhanced environmental impact:

Solar hot water systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the Energy E3 website to compare gas, solar and electrical water heater costs and their overall environmental impact:

3. Reduced business operating charges and improved business branding:

Solar hot water system savings are particularly useful for clients with high water usage. Businesses who have already started cashing in on the savings gained through hot water installation include hospitals, nursing homes, lodging companies and restaurants. Installing green technologies such as solar hot water can not only contribute to an operating cost saving it can also improve your overall brand by showing customers that you are an innovative company who cares about the local community and environment.​​

4. Solar hot water systems are a valuable investment with savings cashed in overtime.

Solar hot water systems are built to last and require little-to-no maintenance. Typical maintenance that may be needed throughout the life of your system include solar panels cleaning and tank repairs.

By accessing the useful resources highlighted in this blog I hope you can have a better understanding of the benefits of solar hot water systems, for both your back pocket and the environment.


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