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Thanks for helping us reach another birthday! Celebrating 3 years servicing the Mackay district.

Looking back over the past year we are proud of our achievements, lessons learned and the people we have had the pleasure of meeting and serving in our business.

Top 3 things which were pivotal to our success this year:

1. Innovation: We recognise that when the industry changes we also need to change and adapt. How did we do this? We broadened our service offerings and promoted areas of our business relevant the current market.

2. Cash Flow: We are mindful of the fact that business survival depends on positive cash flow. We have therefore worked hard to ensure we stick to budgets and evaluate our systems regularly for effectiveness versus efficiency.

3. Lifelong Learning: We appreciate the necessity for lifelong learning and personal development. We are committed to reading industry updates, attending information seminars and training workshops.

4. Networking: We support our local community and small business owners. We understand that our business continues to grow due to this supportive and encouraging network of people.

Lessons Learnt

Exceptional communication is essential for client satisfaction. We are constantly working to improve our customer communication pathways.

Small business is challenging and requires continuous tenacity and determination to be successful.

Work-life balance is not always achievable however scheduling time to turn off the phone and spend time doing things we enjoy with friends and family is important.

Thank-you once again for helping us reach three years :-) We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to serving you in the future.

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