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Maintenance Plumbing

Domestic Plumbing 

Reed Plumbing Industries experienced and professional plumbers offer honest

and reliable domestic plumbing services.


We can help you with taps and toilets that drip, leak or constantly run and waste water.

We can replace your tap washers, reseat your taps and repair your toilet.

We can also supply and fit water wise taps, toilets and fittings to help you save

both money and the environment.

Contact us today to discuss all of your domestic plumbing needs.

Commercial Maintenance 

Our residential and commercial property maintenance plans offer you quality

assurance. We can schedule regular preventative checks of your property to inspect for leaks, drips and blocks.


We also offer regular appointments to change all washers and seals, test and certify backflow prevention devices and test all drains.


We maintain record logs to remind you when your devices and fittingings are due for their next service.


Call us today to discuss your specific maintenance needs and let us help you to maintain your investment/s.

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